SWAP ACT – Patient-Centered Health Insurance Reform

It's Time for a SWAP!

On March 25th, I introduced H.R. 4944 the Siding With America's Patients (SWAP) Act. The SWAP Act will repeal the government health care takeover and replace it with the text from H.R. 3400 - a patient-centered and affordable solution that expands access and continues to cover pre-existing conditions.

I believe that simply repealing this government takeover of health care isn't sufficient - we must SWAP it with a more affordable solution that is centered around the patient and not the government.  The SWAP Act will continue to cover pre-existing conditions but will repeal the tax hikes and unaffordable mandates on individuals and small business owners. 

For the better part of a year, the American people have made it clear that they want something more affordable and attractive than this government takeover style.  We are going to show tax hikes, higher premiums, and massive deficits the door.  And then we are going to extend a warm welcome to portability, shopping across state lines, and protection of current health plans. 

I want to thank Congressman Tom Price, M.D. for his health care plan that offers access to coverage for all Americans; gives patients the power to control their coverage; improves the health care delivery structure; and reins in out-of-control costs.

Thank you. Please help spread the word about the SWAP Act.